Tarot Cards

Tarot readings include the heart of the matter; past, present, and future influences; a projection for every month of the next year; and answers to specific questions.

Clairvoyant messages using medium abilities often come through during this session.


Natal Charts prepared and analyzed based on date, time, and birth location. Let your Astrological chart help you to navigate times of changes in mood and behavior based on lunar cycles. Compatibility charts also offered to help you communicate with lovers, friends, family, and colleagues.


Evaluation of your current chakras and complete balance and cleansing sessions available in person for residents of California or Utah.


Allow me to channel messages from your angels to advise on current romantic, spiritual, professional, or financial blocks and imbalances.

In-Person Events

In person events are available for up to 8 hours.

All services offered are available.

About Tara Brandel

Tara Brandel is a Gemini from Southern California. Tara first learned how to read Tarot cards from her Grandmother and Great-Uncle, whose talents stemmed from their ancestors in Ireland and England. She has been reading cards and continuing this generational practice for over twenty-six years. Tara has read for high-profile clients in California, New York, Texas, and Illinois, and has maintained numerous long-term clients for the majority of her career. Tara has experience with in-person readings including events for groups such as spiritual events and family readings. Traveling accommodations can be made in advance, however all services are exclusively through phone at this time.

Tara’s interpretation of the cards ranges from personal and romantic relationships, to medium communications. She is also attuned to providing guidance about financial, business, and professional endeavors. Her connection to inner and outer bands of psychic information allows her to bring clarity and guidance to her clients. She believes that an understanding of astrology helps one to recognize both their personal behaviors and other’s cosmic motivations. Although fate and destiny are strong, Tara believes that we all remain free agents in our own life paths.


A list of Tara’s services include:

Summary of Services:

Heart of the Matter:

Arranging the cards in a Celtic Cross formation focusing of the main question or concern of the person that is currently influencing their lives. Energies pertaining to matters at home, what is to come in the upcoming months, and other emotional or personal energies.

Yearly forecast:

 In a selection made up of twelve cards, each month is represented by a card which predicts main influences throughout the year for the individual.

Specific Questions:

Allows time for clients to ask specifics either about the previous readings, or any other matters of their choosing. It is recommended to limit as many personal details as possible to get an accurate and objective response.

Compare Choices/ Outcomes:

Many of Tara’s clients have found successful guidance in this form of reading because it helps them discover.